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Why are 90% of companies planning to increase SEO budgets in 2017?

Why are 90% of companies planning to increase SEO budgets in 2017?

According to recent study of online marketers, 90% plan on continuing to increase SEO budgets or keep them the same over the next year. Another report by Borell Associates confirms these increase by showing that the SEO business will grow from a 65 billion business in 2016 to a 72 billion business in 2018 and a 79 billion dollar business in 2020.


What is it that is fueling he growth of this business? Furthermore, why does your company need to make sure you have an SEO strategy in your plans?


  • For starters, there are more people searching on the internet and there are more devices in the market place. Therefore, consumers are almost always connected.
  • Print advertising is declining and it is necessary to compete in the internet space.
  • SEO is becoming more sophisticated. This makes it important to constantly be evolving in your approach to SEO. Having a professional handle your campaign can help you to be on top of algorithm changes etc.

One way that companies are increasing their SEO efforts in this year is by producing more content. In fact, according to a recent survey by the Content Marketing Institute of B2B businesses, 76% of companies plan to increase their content creation in the next year. In the same survey, 93% of these companies plan on use of social media content.


The Content Marketing Institute also took a survey of B2C (Business to Consumer) businesses and found the following.


  • 76% of companies plan to make content marketing as an ongoing business process, not simply a campaign.
  • 59% of these companies employ keyword research. This is followed by social listening.
  • 89% use Facebook for content distribution, followed by Twitter.
  • 78% can demonstrate their content marketing effectiveness.

There is a lot more data that is available demonstrating why and how companies make SEO an integral part of their online marketing strategy. By hiring a professional, you can have someone who drills down deep in to the research and finds the best strategy for your company, based on budget and other factors.


Ontrack Media  pours through the research and constantly monitors the search engines for changes that can effect your rankings in the market place. As far as the content marketing, we can make certain that Facebook and Twitter are being properly utilized to give your company optimum results.

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