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The data on video is overwhelmingly convincing.

The data on video is overwhelmingly convincing.

There is so much info on the benefits of using video content that most companies realize the importance.

A recent survey entitled The State of Social 2016, companies were asked what factors are holding you back from creating more video content. The top two answers were lack of time (72%) and right behind that answer was video is too expensive to use.


Let’s take a look at some of the reasons and stats that support why companies need to try to over come the hurdles indicated in the social media report. Here are some reasons below.


Video increases organic search engine traffic on average of 157%


  • The average visitor to a┬ásite spends an average of 88% more time with video content.
  • On average 46% of people say they would be more likely to seek out more info online about a company or offer after seeing a video.
  • Videos make consumers on average 52% more confident in their online buy.

Besides these major benefits, you need to know how important video is to your over all SEO strategy. First , video drives engagement on social media posts, such as Facebook. More importantly, the major search engines pick up the content in videos and this plays a major role in the ranking of your site against certain keywords.

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