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Survey’s reveal how companies use Social Media.

Survey’s reveal how companies use Social Media.

There was a recent poll of companies conducted called the State of Social 2016. In this survey of B2B companies, the question was posed what are the main reasons your company uses Social Media?

The following are the answers that came back from the polling of companies.

  • 85%  for brand awareness.
  • 71%  Community engagement
  • 61% Content Management
  • 54% Lead management
  • 21% Customer Support


In the same report entitled The State of Social, companies were asked which channels does your company currently use. The answers came up as follows.

  • 93% Facebook
  • 88% Twitter
  • 65% Linkedin
  • 64% Instagram
  • 56% Youtube


In another polling of over 3,000 companies. The Content Marketing Institute came away with some more interesting statistics and growing trends for Social Media.

One question is what content marketing tactics does your organization use?

93% use Social Media content..


In another CMI question, B2B companies were asked, which Social Media platforms does your organization use to distribute content?

94% use Linkedin

Yet  66% of he companies say it is effective.


Another important question in the CMI survey was, how important will each of these content marketing goals be to your organization in the next 12 months.

85% said that lead generation is the most important.


Finally CMI addressed the question about top priorities for B2B content creators. The top priority that came back was to create more engaging content. This came in at 72%.

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